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Tumblr fun

I maintain the Fuck yeah, Fuffy! tumblr, if any of you are on tumblr and interested in getting random fuffy spam on your dash. :)


Buffy kisses Faith one last time and jumps into Glory's portal. She's prepared to die but instead wakes up in a strange new world. This is the companion to Flowers for a Ghost and tells the story of what happened to the Buffy from that universe. Fifteen chapters. Complete.
Buffy leaps into Glory's portal knowing it means certain death. She wakes up in the hospital, but something is not quite right. Rated Mature. Ten chapters. Complete.

Fic (B/F): Revival (1/1)

Wishes can come true, as the residents of Sunnydale should know all too well. My Fic-or-Treat entry.

Fic (B/F): Crush (1/1)

Part of the Ten Roads Series. Set during the BtVS Season 3 episode, Homecoming. "Faith's even mesmerized by the sound of Buffy's breathing. It's like no one else knows how to do it properly. She's sure she's never heard anyone breathe that good."

CrushCollapse )

*A/N: Thanks to cookiesarefood for her betaing skills.*

Previously in Chutes...

“Go,” the blonde told her. “I’ll wait for you.”

Nodding, Faith leaned closer to press a quick kiss to the other slayer’s lips. “Okay.” Standing, she followed Giles through the doors to recovery.

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FIC (B/F): Chutes & Ladders (18/19)

*A/N: Thanks to cookiesarefood for her betaing skills.*

Previously in Chutes...

Doyle was beginning to feel wary of his rescuers. He hadn’t gotten away from the Mayor just to be someone else’s pawn. “Am I prisoner here?” He demanded.

“Of course not,” Giles reassured him. “I’m merely suggesting you might like to help us defeat him, whatever his plan is. You must want some retribution for what was done to you.”

The seer considered that. Having his connection to the Powers cranked up felt like his skull was being torn open, 24 hours a day. Retribution sounded quite nice. “Okay,” he agreed. “I’ll help. What do you need me to do?”

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FIC (B/F): Chutes & Ladders (17/19)

*A/N: Thanks to cookiesarefood for her betaing skills.*

Previously in Chutes...

Buffy crowded into the brunette’s space, slipping her arms around her. She ran her palm over Faith’s hair, kissing her wet cheek gently. “I would never do anything to hurt you,” she promised fiercely. “I love you.”

Faith froze. Buffy had never said that before. She looked into the blonde’s eyes, searching for any sign of deception there.

Buffy stared back at her with frightened, but clearly sincere, eyes.

Don’t trust her! Run! You have to run! The voice in her head’s screams became increasingly louder. Faith hesitated.

“Please,” Buffy repeated, seeing that she was losing Faith. Her voice wavered.

Taking the bottle from Buffy, Faith uncorked it and lifted it to her lips. Over the sounds of screaming in her mind, she drank.

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FIC (B/F): Chutes & Ladders (16/19)

A/N: *Please do not distribute or post this story anywhere without my permission.* Thanks to cookiesarefood for her betaing skills.

Previously in Chutes...

Buffy nodded, leaning against her girlfriend when she pulled her close. She didn’t know what the hell that demon was, but she knew it couldn’t be anything good. And it hadn’t been working alone. This added up to one vague, but definitely scary picture. She just hoped Giles would have the answers she needed.

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FIC (B/F): Chutes & Ladders (15/19)

A/N: Thanks to cookiesarefood for her beta skills. I’m sure it won’t surprise you if I say I wasn't motivated to work on this story for a long time. During the year and almost eight months this story wasn’t updated, there were still people asking me about it, reviewing my chapters, and well, nagging me about it. :) Chutes wouldn’t be finished now if it weren’t for those people. Thank you so much for your continued encouragement, and for caring enough about my little story to ask and/or demand more of it. The biggest thank you goes to Ms. Tina Topak, whose nagging skills are without competition. Topak, you are a big pain in my butt, and I thank you so much for that. I hope ya’ll enjoy the rest of the story.

Previously in Chutes...

Part 4, Chapter 1...Collapse )